The purchase procedure

We will do the entire purchase process for you on request
You hand this over to a lawyer - we are with you

Once you make a commitment to us to definitely acquire a real estate property of your choice, there are two options of the further procedure:

Option 1:

You trust us and our service to organize the entire process, which is usually done as follows:

a) You sign a purchase intent notice with credit confirmation and pay us a down payment of at least 50% of the agreed total commission for the further steps for which you give us a notarized power of attorney.

b) We then take care of the conclusion of a - either private or notarized - purchase report between you and the seller on the one hand by paying an individually agreed discount on the purchase price, either to the seller directly or to us as guarantors, depending on your discretion. Other or trust accounts are not required in Greece or at least in our region.
About the advance payments will be anchored in the preliminary contract:
    - that the prepayment amount must be fully reimbursed if, from the seller's fault, an end contract ultimately conflicts with whatever,
    - that upon buyer's withdrawal from the purchase 10% of the down payment remain at the seller as compensation,
    - that in the event of withdrawal from the buyer's intention to buy, the paid deposit on the brokerage commission is reserved to us as compensation.

c) We assign an experienced lawyer to examine property-related ownership and explore whether the property may be mortgaged. This service will be remunerated separately by the agent, i. the cost is not part of our service. It may also be possible for the notary to use this mortgage exam, as the case may be.

d) We obtain by proxy for you the necessary tax number at the responsible tax office.
e) We'll help you to get a required account from a local Greek bank to do the payment. You must be present in person to apply for an account, because the local banks unfortunately do not accept for this any authorization. In addition to the usual identification documents, the bank requires a current electricity or telephone bill of your permanent residence!
f) In cooperation with the chosen notary, we compile the necessary documents, on the basis of which the final purchase contract can be drawn up.

g) We co-ordinate the contract appointment with all participants at the notary's office and are on your side during the conclusion of the procedure explanatory.

Option 2:
You will appoint a lawyer or other person of your choice as an authorized representative, so that he or she can take all necessary steps on your behalf.

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