We make and
we are the difference!

What makes the difference?


We offer only properties with reasonable prices.

We do not accept the seller's price, if it is completely overpriced. We prefer to reject the mediation.


We do not embellish anything, consider and inform purely object-related.

We do not obscure facts such as structural damage or other or other disadvantages. We disclose everything we know about a property.


You will be advised openly, honestly and unobtrusively.

It can happen that we definitely advise against buying a property if we have the impression that it is not the right one for you.


We Are Professionals

If you find a property with us, we will guide you through the entire purchase process.

Our range of services


A prerequisite of our brokerage is, of course, the marketing, i. To offer a comprehensive and interesting range of real estate properties in a best informative way as possible, so that you, as a prospective buyer, can find what you are looking for, or as a seller, to find our offer authentically and attractively presented for to entrust your property to us for sale.

Inspection and negotiation

If you have envisaged an object from our portfolio or several, we will enable for you a visit for the first by your own and afterwards, if your interest is more serious, we enter into details and a together visit. (The advertised price should not be lost sight of as an indication, means not to expect drastic reductions.)

Comprehensive Information

The main focus of our brokerage activities is information and thus transparency. That means, after you have visited a property of your choice and you confirmed us your serious buying interest, we explain to you the purchase incidental and additional costs as well as the entire procedure, in addition to all your questions.

Purchase and the after

We coordinate the entire process of a purchase and accompany you through it. Please be aware that in Greece it is usual that real estate agents get payed from both sites, from the seller as well as from the buyer. and we are working according to this practice. The commission depends on the property's price and the relevant amount should be asked for each case.
Even in hindsight to your purchase, we are at your disposal as an advisory contact - be it for the right contacts for construction projects of any kind, banking and government agencies - and are also available for various services on cost basis after the purchase.

About us                

Whether you are a property seller or a prospective property buyer, we value your requirements and will provide you with the individual attention and service you deserve. We perfect the art of providing exemplary customer service to our clients, priding ourselves in the values of personalized care, respect, honesty and above all, integrity.

Representing Lakonian property owners and future property owners, we are an agency committed to listening to our clients’ needs and utilizing our keen skills to ensure always a successful transaction.

Living since the year 1989 in the area of the Laconian Mani, we understand the numerous intangible benefits of life in this region, with its unmatched weather, tradition, diversity and extraordinary residents.

Babis and Ursula Katharina Papajoannou

Me, Ursula, in my younger years initially graduated from the University of Heidelberg in Germany (for german philology as well as for sport didactics and sport science), subsequently settled together with my greek husband Babis in Gythio after we had fallen in love with this small town and its surroundings. We established at first a small tourist accommodation which is operating successfully from 1993 until today.

In the past 19 years, I have become an estemed realtor, highly regarded by clients and professionals in the field. I showcase my homes on my own website as well as on various national and international real estate platforms. 

I am assisted by my husband Babis. So we are acting as a couple duo complementing each other perfectly in all terms of professional requirements.

Babis is a philanthropist, he is communicative, thorough, and he is known for integrity, diplomacy, and sincerity in everything he does. As a specialist in legal and bureaucratic basics and specifics, he’ll be alongside you every step of a purchase transaction.

Together we utilize and offer a network of professional service providers such as lawyers, notaries, construction engineers and topographers, suppliers of building materials, all kinds of craftsmen and other specialists to assist with our clients’ needs during and also after a purchase.

When we are not previewing estate properties or helping celebrities find their Mani escape, we enjoy spending time with our accommodation guests, caring the plants and trees in our olive garden, swimming in our extraordinary sea or walking on the beach.
Babis is also the proud owner of a small production and export company for high quality olive oil from our Mani region as well as for some other selected Greek products, which he supplies directly once the year to private customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You benefit from our many years of experience, expertise and our regional network. As our customers, you will gain access to specialized knowledge and information that may be crucial to local conditions and their living conditions.

Please be aware that in Greece it is usual that real estate agents get payed from both sites, from the seller as well as from the buyer. and we are working according to this practice. The commission depends on the property's price and the relevant amount should be asked for each case. In individual exceptional cases, the seller may take over the commission of the buyer.

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