Additional costs

Additional costs for the purchase of property, come in the shape of :

  • Conveyance tax
    The tax value of the Greek property is the value that the property has (market value or "objective" tax value), at the time of the property's conveyance. In particular, the tax is calculated on the market value that is depicted on the conveyance deed, and in case that this value is lower than the "objective" tax value, the tax is imposed on the (higher) "objective" tax value.
    The Greek conveyance tax is estimated with the percentage of 3% for property value.

  • Municipal rates Additionally, there is an additional tax imposition of 3% on the above tax in favor of the Greek Municipalities.

  • Attorney fees of 1 - 2 % on the contract value, subject of agreement between the lawyer and his client (attorney is no more obligatory).

  • Notary fees of 1,5 % on the contract value for the completion of the contract inclusive registry etc.

  • Commission of 2 % of the real purchase price (not of the price that will be specified in the contract) for objects with a price not less than 100,000 €.
    For any object with lower price than 100,000 € and more than 50,000 € the commission is fixed on 2,000 € per object. The commission for lower than 50,000 € priced objectes is 1,500 €.