Basics on real estate acquisition

All EU citizens have equal rights concerning the purchase or sale of property in Greece. Non EU citizens are also free to buy property in Greece, however with some restrictions as described bellow. The documents required for signing a property-purchase contract are:

a) Both the buyer and the seller must provide:

  • A valid passport (or a legal identity card for EU citizens only)
  • A Greek fiscal number which is obtainable by non Greek citizens, within 5 working days by the Greek Tax Authorities.
  • b) The seller should provide a "clean" B' Tax certificate issued by the competent Tax Authority, according to Law 1882/1990 proving that he has no outstanding debts towards the Hellenic Fiscus.

    c) An additional special permission is required for the purchase of properties close to the Greek borders. Such permission will be issued by the local Department Authorities and is not granted to non EU citizens.

    According to the Greek law, the purchase contract, known also as a "Purchase Deed", is signed by the buyer and the seller in the presence of :

  • A Notary Public
  • A lawyer appointed by the buyer
  • A lawyer appointed by the seller
  • The buyer's lawyer is liable to investigate that the property being bought is free and clear of any charge, lien, mortgage, and especially of estate taxes (viz. land property and inheritance) or municipal taxes, damages to neighboring owners and so forth. This investigation, held by the buyer? s lawyer, is the guarantee that the Title Deed of Ownership and the relevant certificates issued by the land registry, show that no third party claim or challenge of any kind exists.

    Special attention must be paid to assure that the property is sold and will be delivered to the buyer, with the benefit of full vacant possession.