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Ruin of a building complex from natural stone of 351 m² on a plot of 580 m² within a Maniotic village (subsidisable investment)

Property ID: "SoKarv607" - Price: 90,000 €

  • Tower with three levels of 38,34 m² each 
  • House with two levels of 55 m² each
  • Second house with two levels of 50 m² each
  • Third groundfloor building of 26,7 m²
  • Nice landscape views from the upper floors
  • Within a traditional Maniotic village
  • In a 15 minutes distance from the next beach.


This old building complex was once an impressing, traditional Maniotic family residence, overlooking the village, the surrounding hilly landscape and in the distance also to the sea. Situated on a good-sized plot of land, this is a unique opportunity for creating a beautiful home.

The building complex consits of the remains of 4 buildings, which can get restaurated to its old following sizes:
1) Two storey house of totally 100,10 m² (each floor 50,05 m²)
2) Three storey tower of totally 115,02 m² (each floor 38,34 m²)
3) Two storey house of totally 110,10 m² (each floor 50,05 m²)
4) Groundfloor storage building of 26,70 m².

From all buildings have remained just parts of the walls and of the original arched ceilings on the groundfloors.

The whole land plot of this property has the size of 580 m² and gives the possibility to create a nice garden. 

IMPORTANT: For members of the European Union and European Monetary Union there is the possibility to get until 55% subsity for the reconstruction of that kind of traditional buildings. We can assist you with the application process.


The property is located within the traditional Maniotic village "Karvelas", 14 km to the southwest of Gythio and in a distance of 7 km from the next beach of Vathy.
The plot is large enogh to give enough privacy. There are neighbours within sight and the nearby village square with three small taverns offers a nice atmosphere.
Access is via a private community path.



All information is given without guarantee and is based solely on information provided to us by our client. We assume no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the information. Mistakes, changes and intermediate sale are reserved. 

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